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Charlie Strong Post-OU Press Conference

Notes on Oklahoma and the upcoming game against Iowa State.

Ronald Martinez

Some quick notes from Strong's presser:

- We have to get better on special teams.   The kickoff return touchdown can't happen.  Two guys just need to get off of the ground and make a play.  We knew it was a middle return.  We will change out personnel.

- Tyrone handled himself very well.  If he plays well, our offense works.  When he doesn't...

- Defense completely shut them down in 1st half.

- Pleased with how hard we played.  Could've quit down 17-3 or 31-13, but the team competed.

- Special teams are broken down across several coaches - not just Chris Vaughn's responsibility.  He has the title, but each coach has a phase they're responsible for.

- Strong showed the team plays where there was excellent effort - not just beating them up with their mistakes.  He has been trying to get the team to celebrate on the field together to show more emotion and hype each other up - go mob Jason Hall after he sticks the 240 pound OU RB in the hole.  We can afford a celebration penalty if it means we'll play with abandon.

- 3rd Quarter Texas stalled and they challenged Swoopes to make it happen.  Tyrone locked in and almost brought us back.  It did wonders for his confidence level.

-  The fans stayed for the Eyes of Texas until the end of the game and never stopped believing even when it looked bleak.  Told the players to keep their heads up - Strong loved to see that our fans didn't quit on the team and kept fighting.  Later, he almost contrasted Texas to another self-admiring fan base that quit on their team in the same exact situation, but caught himself and started laughing before he mentioned the name. The entire room broke up laughing.  Strong: "Y'all almost made me say it.  Y'all almost got me there."  Hint: the team everyone was thinking of had the largest football game attendance in Texas history...for three quarters.

- The OL is much improved.  We've developed a run game and there's a pocket for Tyrone now.  It's not perfect, but we've found a group that can work and grow together.

- WR corps is good and still getting better.  Harris is a physical presence - very difficult to tackle.  Marcus Johnson needs to learn to run straight when he breaks free.

- Some of our delays are because Tyrone needs the play signaled in a couple of times for confirmation.  He wants to be sure and it's taking a little extra time.  He needs to relay the play and adjustments more confidently.  It's just inexperience, emotions of the game etc. Cleared up a crucial question for me.

- Naashon Hughes is coming on hard.  He's a starter now.

- We hurt ourselves.  It was nothing Oklahoma did.  I concur.


Psychologically, this team badly needs to uncork on someone.  Put it together and kick the crap out of Iowa State in Austin.  Get some confidence, show the team that improvement is awarded with victory not just moral victories and find some cohesion before taking on the Purple Wizard in Manhattan.