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Texas Basketball Bracketology - Longhorns 5 seed

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's early and the cruelest part of the Longhorn schedule has not yet been met, but the Longhorns are rising up the Bracketology ranks with alacrity.

In Joe Lunardi's latest, he has the Longhorns as the 5 seed in Spokane.  Rejoice Couer d'Alene Longhorns.

To give you an idea of the recent Longhorn trajectory:

January 16th - not seeded, not listed in last eight teams excluded

January 23rd - 8 seed.

January 30th - 7 seed.

February 5th - 5 seed.

Seven conference wins in a row will shift the landscape in your favor.  The Longhorns will seek to continue their momentum against a surging Kansas State squad in Manhattan on Saturday.

Flip a coin on that one.