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UT Regent Wallace Hall's Impeachment Process Begins Slow Grind

The stand off between Texas legislators and UT Regent Wallace Hall promises to stretch out over the summer as the House Committee begins the process of drawing articles of impeachment


Last week the Texas House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations voted voted that they believed UT Regent Wallace Hall had committed acts that warranted impeachment. They also said they hoped that Hall could be persuaded to resign

Hall told them to shove it.

So Wednesday the committee began the process of producing articles of impeachment - a process that promises to drag out at least through the summer.

The public hearing Wednesday was to gather information from legislative officials on exactly how the procedure should work. Committee Co-Chair Rep. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, made it clear that it will be a time-consuming task.

"It's a real lengthy process. ... We're looking at a couple of months," said Rep. Carol Alvarado. There will be "no formal voting or anything like that" Wednesday, she said.

Hall's has been accused of running a one-man campaign to get UT-Austin President Bill Powers out of office.

He has been charged with releasing confidential student information, making oppressive records requests as well as intimidating University officials in an effort to oust President Powers. Hall says he is attempting to uncover wrongdoing at the system's flagship campus.

During Wednesdays session about the procedural process, the committee will go into executive session to discuss what should be included in the articles of impeachment. After Wednesday the Committee is not scheduled to meet until next month.