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Thinking Texas Boot Camp

Adding the X's and O's to the 1100100's

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Hey there, Barkers! By now I'm sure you've got a copy of Thinking Texas Football 2014 in your hot little hand and you're reveling in its awesomeness as the season approaches.

If you don't, get one!

The 2014 Longhorn Football Prospectus: Thinking Texas Football

Barnes & Noble

As you know, we're proud of the product we put out this season. With that said, the constraints of space, time and writing for a relatively broad audience meant that we couldn't take as deep a dive on some particular schematic, X and O-type stuff as we're sometimes able to do on BC proper. To help bridge that gap, I'm reviving the Barking Carnival Boot Camp series from the early summer. In Thinking Texas Boot Camp, we'll blow out some things that we reference in Thinking Texas Football in greater depth and detail, basically all the way up until we kick against Noth Texas.

The first two in the hopper are going to be a look at versatility in the secondary (what can a pair of potential multi-tools like Turner and Thompson let us do versus more potentially single task guys like Haines at safety) and some of the various things Strong likes to ask of his weakside pass rusher that could help determine whether Shiro Davis or Caleb Blueitt see the lion's share of the snaps there.

I've got some thoughts for additional pieces, but would love to hear from everone who's bought the book so far - what are some things we reference (scheme-related, position-related, etc.) that you'd like to see explained in further detail? Leave a comment with anything you'd like to see explained or diagrammed in more depth, and I'll work to get a post up addressing it within the next couple of weeks.

Kickoff is coming, ladies and gents - you fired up?