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2015 Texas Longhorns Football Recruiting: Texas Momentum Halts, Bleeding

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Longhorn recruiting train just hit some rough patches on the track.

DE Louis Brown - one of my favorite developmental prospects in the class - has decommitted.  The decision is being described as mutual, but some believe that academics may have played a role.

Miami safety Tim Irvin - one of the "Florida Five" - I guess that was a thing for about ten minutes - reversed his pledge to Texas for Auburn.  He has a good relationship with their staff and, well....Auburn.

Don't be surprised if fellow Floridian Davante Davis - a big physical DB - also reverses on his Texas promise and ends up on the plains of rural Alabama.

Finally, Huntsville OT Buck Major may be a near thing with respect to qualifying.  He's supposedly considering his JUCO options right now.  That's bad news for Texas program that needs to groom as many options at OT as possible.


While none of these prospective losses is individually crippling - particularly if Texas can close with some key prospects in-state - in aggregate it's antagonistic to replenishing  a diminished roster that's talent depleted and short on attitude.

Hang on for a bumpy final two weeks.