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Mike Perrin: "My Support For Charlie is Without Question."

Texas' Athletics Director Mike Perrin came out with his strongest backing of Charlie Strong to date on Friday.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Perrin went on the Texas flagship radio station, 104.9 The Horn in Austin this morning and made the most definitive statements yet that Charlie Strong will be back on the Longhorn sidelines in 2016.

Perrin' statements included "My support for Charlie is without question."

Also: "Charlie Strong is committed to being the coach at Texas."

He said he talked to Charlie after his Wednesday press conference and he believes that Charlie isn't going to Miami or anywhere else, "I have no doubt about that."

For me it isn't just what he said, but where he said it. It was on the flagship station of the Longhorn radio network. It was a direct message to fans, alums and recruits. For better or worse, Charlie is back in 2016. 

I am sure the debate will still rage on, but this interview today, along with the handling of the Nike negotiations, tell me that at least the adults are back in charge over in Bellmont