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The Rick Barnes Thing

Getting sort of Game Of Thrones all up in here.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I wanted to get a post up so we can follow along with what's going on.

Here's my basic stance, having spent a few minutes with Rick Barnes only a few times but knowing how some of his guys with whom I have spent a lot of time feel about him, which is close to reverential:

Rick Barnes - good human, best basketball coach Texas has had, etc. Of late, it ain't been working. There are a great many reasons for this. Some may be fixable but we are probably past the point on that given who Rick Barnes is and how he operates.

The latest thing going on is this fire your assistants or fire yourself deal, which is kind of ugly, if true. Funny thing is, Texas Longhorns hoops would absolutely benefit from some new blood in some of those roles and those are changes that should have probably been made a few years ago. Rick's been here a long time. People get older. People get set in their ways. It's human nature. Starting to look like Rick would rather be loyal to his guys and go do something else. If so, I am ambivalent but I wish him well.

Anyway, let's follow along and not be snarky. Once the smoke clears, we'll do our best to relay what went down and what's up next.