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UT Athletics Gets a New Radio Home

a locally-owned network of radio stations has won the broadcasting and digital rights to UT Athletics.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

IMG College Longhorn Sports Marketing announced Tuesday that the Austin Radio Network won the bidding war for multi-media rights to Texas Athletics.

The ARN is headed up by co-owners Bob Cole and Jason Nassour, and will broadcast the UT football games over their 4 FM and 2 AM radio stations. Football and Men's Basketball will still be available over a 30-station network statewide. A major contest featuring any of the UT men's or women's athletic teams will have a media outlet -- either broadcast or digitally. ARN and UT are also collaborating on creating a digital platform where UT games will be live streamed, free,  world-wide.

Cole, a long-time Austin radio personality, said that the Austin Radio Network was created with an agreement like today in mind.

"Games will be heard by more fans, in more places, than ever before," said Cole. " ARN is a creative, home-grown commodity that has a genuine passion for The University of Texas and our community."

FM 104.9 "The Horn" will be the flagship station of the local network, carrying the bulk of the programming.

Here is a list of the broadcast stations in the ARN and what they will carry:

KTXX-FM 104.9 FM -- Texas Football, Texas Basketball-Men & women, Texas Baseball, Texas Softball

"Featured Game" coverage for any or all of the other UT sports.

KOKE-FM 99.3 FM -- Texas Football, Texas Basketball-Men

KOKE-FM 98.5 FM -- Texas Football, Texas Basketball-Men

KTAE-AM 1490 -- Texas Football, Texas Basketball-Men

KTXX-HD4 - 105.3 FM --Texas Football

KLGO-AM 1260 -- Texas Football

Two stations will carry a spanish language broadcast of Texas football:

FIESTA 97.1 FM and KZNX-AM 1530