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UT Regent Wallace Hall Files Suit Against UT Chancellor

UT Regent Wallace Hall has taken his battle with UT Chancellor William McRaven over information contained in a investigation into alleged preferential treatment of some UT applicants to court.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Apparently emboldened by a recent ruling from the Texas Attorney General, UT Regent Wallace Hall has filed suit against the UT System that he helps oversee.

Hall contends that UT Chancellor William McRaven's office is wrongfully withholding information from an independent investigation that looked into claims that some prospective students received preferential treatment when applying to the Austin campus during the tenure of former UT President William Powers.

Chancellor McRaven has stated that Hall has been given access to the information - with the exception of individual student's information, which is protected by federal privacy laws.

"I regret that Regent Hall believes the lawsuit is necessary or appropriate, but I am confident that my actions are in compliance not only with what the law requires, but also with what is in the best interest of our students, patients, and employees across the UT System, " Chancellor McRaven said.

In an opinion handed out earlier this month, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton  said that Regent Wallace Hall is able to hire outside legal counsel to represent him in a suit against UT, should he choose to file one.

Which means that while Hall is suing the UT System, the lawyers he hires will be paid by the UT System.