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2016 Big 12 Recruiting Snapshot

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A nice little breakdown of the 2016 class courtesy of ESPN.

Some quick bullet points:

  • Baylor and TCU are off to a nice start.  Winning lots of games and playing a fun brand of offense with easy proximity to the Metroplex helps.  The Bears have secured some huge commitments on offense and the Horned Frogs have some rare star power on top of a class filled with their expected retinue of longer term developmental prospects.  Their 2015 seasons should help them finish with gusto.
  • Texas Tech is already at 23 verbal commitments, a number that leads the nation.  Kingsbury needs numbers to rejuvenate a depleted program and they may sign as many as 30.  How many of the highly regarded three stars in the class are using Tech as a placeholder?  Particularly if the Red Raiders don't improve on last year's 4-8 campaign.
  • OU is moving at a deliberate pace with their newish national focus.  They just landed a big-time LB out of California and they've done a nice job of staking out a presence there.  Our lack of desire to get out there is irritating.  There's not an easier high level football state from which to pluck four star recruits. California kids are mercenary and they want to play for a school that has a big-time football first vibe.  It's not hard.  Ask Ricky Williams.
  • Texas is on its own timeline.  That can be frustrating to watch as the early cycle decision kids are snatched up, but Strong and his staff ascribe to a slow and steady wins the race philosophy.  We're in a good place with a lot of good players and the staff is letting the process play out.  If the 2015 class is an example of that approach in action, I have no complaints.  OL recruiting needs to get it in gear.
  • Oklahoma State is struggling right now.  They need to finish well.
  • Out-of-state marauding isn't at late 1980s and 1990s levels, but current levels are unacceptable.  The only way to lock it down is to start winning 10 games a year and find a real conference.