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Shooting from the Corner: Texas 62, Kansas St 65

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

As commonplace with two kids in tow, I watched the game on tape delay. During football season, that often led to frustrated second half fast forwarding (hello, Oklahoma State travesty!) to expedite an uncertain but inevitable outcome. Tonight, I ESPN app’ed the punchline (The Aristocrats!), though my itchy trigger finger still hit the double-forward arrow quite handily.

Twas a typical game in Bramlage—unsightly, grind-it-out play, replete with fouls, turnovers, and stoppages a plenty. Texas lost by three, played most of the second half down by ten, and made it feel like the gap was twenty. Still, this game was winnable, and I’m uncertain how many more of the remaining 17 conference games will come this close.

The Good

The last three minutes?

The Longhorns somehow managed to score 18 points in the last three minutes after mustering just 44 in the first 37. So, there’s that.

Jarrett Allen

Allen posted his third double-double in his last four games, getting 14 points and 13 boards on 6-8 shooting. He had a few brain fart passes that led to a 4 turnover statline, but was otherwise Texas’ best only good option. He’s averaging the 11/7 we all expected from Cam Ridley’s freshman year. It’s certainly feasible he comes back for another year—Draft Express currently has Allen in its 2018 mock—but 6’ 11” / 7’ 6” wingspan guys who possess a scoring move like at the 7:29 1H mark are fairly in demand.

The Bad

Trying to determine a second best player and settling on Shaq Cleare

Cleare’s making the best of a bad situation, playing second fiddle in a two-post system designed for one big man with hardly a shooting option to space for him. He has performed gamely and got in a solid 10/6 line. But Cleare is what he is: a low block, below the rim big who doesn’t space the floor nor defend the rim.

Outrebounding Kansas State 36 to 29

I mean, after Kent State, it’s something.

The Ugly

Tevin Mack’s 4-13 night

Mack holds the only Erwin Center stock that rates as OUTPERFORM this year, but boy, his night in Manhattan was unbearable. Mack followed up a no-show against Kent State by trying to show up too much and combined terrible shot selection with one-on-one play. Shake it off, Tevin, and get it right on the next one.

Eric Davis channeling the Holton Hill/Davante Davis sophomore slump experience

I’ve got a basketball-loving friend that, every time he watches Texas, feels the urge to text me at how bad Davis looks. At this point it doesn’t look like Davis will shake it off this year. He is now shooting a scorchingly bad 27.7% from the field, 19.3% from distance. This is somewhat unfortunate given that Davis has attempted the second most shots on the team this year.

5-18, 27.8% from BTA

Texas cannot shoot. But stop me if you’ve heard this before.

7-12, 58.3% from the line

Texas also cannot shoot free throws. But stop me if you’ve heard this before.

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