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Montrell Estell to Texas

#LetsRide #SueMeHigdon

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Per the fine gentlemen at Inside Texas, Charlie has hooked 4* wide receiver Montrell Estell from Hooks, Texas.  Here be the HUDL:

Hooks had him playing the position so aptly described by Scipio as "Montrell, go win the game."  As a junior, Estell hauled in All-State DB honors as a free safety along with six INTs (three of which he housed) while also mixing in over 1500 total yards and 14 TDs as a runner and receiver on the offensive side of the ball.

Length and long speed are the first things that jump out from watching his highlights.  If he's cheating on his listed height of 6'2" it ain't by much, and he sports a long, easy stride with more than adequate quicks/COD for a guy with his frame.  His athleticism is evident on plenty of runs as well as a graceful ladder climb to high-point an INT at 1:25 and a smooth high hurdle at the 4:00 minute mark.  A couple of his picks were due to dubious decision-making by the QB, but he definitely demonstrates the range to play an effective center field along with the frame and willingness to lay a lick on a ball carrier.

It sounds like Estell's first choice is to play safety, and Charlie's track record for putting defenders in the league helped to turn this recruitment Texas' way in short order once they ramped up their efforts.  If he proves to have the eyes and hips to thrive in centerfield he'll make for a great mix-n-match trio with Brandon Jones and DeShon Elliott.  At any rate he's a great take with plenty of positional flexibility, and represents an enjoyable smack upside the Aggies' head to boot.  From the sound of it, A&M thought they had this one pretty close to sewn up and esteemed prognosticator Taylor Hamm had Estell confidently Crystal Balled to College Station.  Considering Hamm's poor luck with crystal balls of late, a switch to scrying pools or bird entrails might be in order.  Although given Hamm's penchant for restroom reporting, let's make sure to clarify that men's room toilets should NOT be used as scrying pools lest his predictions get even shittier than they already are.

Charlie's re-stocking DBU at a frenetic pace, and making a real habit of drinking Kevin Sumlin's milkshake in the process.  Considering the Kahlua and brandy content of the average Sumlin milkshake, Charlie should probably make sure to keep Uber Lyft a seedy Austin taxi on speed dial when it's time to #LetsRide.