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Floodgates About to Open At Baylor-Another Alleged Victim Comes Forward

Another woman has come out and said she was assaulted by a Baylor player

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

While Baylor  slow plays giving its 2016 recruits an answer on if they will let them out of their Letter of Intent, the school also says it won't release a full report from Pepper-Hamilton, because there isn't one.

Apparently there are some other victims who are now willing to come out and tell their story. Joe Schad has released on Facebook a story that a former Baylor coed was assaulted by former football player Devin Chafin, and she told Art Briles and his son-in-law, Jeff Lebby, about it.

Dolores Lozano, a Baylor graduate, released a "statement of fact," through her lawyer Tuesday. Lozano claims that Chafin "slapped," "kicked," "slammed Lozano against the wall," and "choked Lozano until she lost feeling in her body," in March of 2014. She also claims he attacked here two more times in April of 2014.

Lorenzo went to the police after the 3rd incident in April of 2014. Chafin was allowed to play after the alleged incidents, rushing for 1,256 career yards and 21 touchdowns.

Chafin was recently dismissed by Baylor. He has been arrested and charged with marijuana possession.