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Erick Fowler Is...In? For the 2016 Texas Longhorns

NCAA Football: Texas at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After a drama-filled summer school session and a test score that was/wasn’t/was/wasn’t...ok, wasn’t flagged for potential sketchiness, it looks like Manor linebacker Erick Fowler has made his grades and is on track for 2016 eligibility. The ins, outs and most especially timing of this story proved tough for anyone to nail down, but as of late yesterday the pay sites had confirmed that Fowler got the good word on both of his summer courses.

He’ll still be subject to NCAA Clearinghouse approval, which should send shudders down any Longhorn fan’s spine, but there’s reason for optimism that he won’t be dragged into an Aaron Ross-style Kafkaesque nightmare. Since his test score wasn’t flagged and his high school transcript shows shaky grades but no real irregularities, there shouldn’t be a ton for the Clearinghouse to chew on here. Clearance by the end of next week may be a bit much to hope for, it’s reasonable to hope that Fowler will be good to go by the end of August and ready to start serving as a pass rush specialist by October or thereabouts.

To understand why that’s a very good think for a team lacking in off-the-edge heat, take a look at:

If you were looking for an excuse to knock off early today and knock back a frosty beverage or’ve got it. Welcome aboard, Mr. Fowler.