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Saturday CFB Open Thread

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Oklahoma vs Clemson Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time once again - a full, stem-to-stern slate of college football is upon us.

From breakfast tacos to FourthMeal.

From East Coast hamlets to the benighted Micronesian islands where all Pac 12 games take place.

From the ashes of eight grey, bleak and meaningless football-free months, we have arisen like a phalanx of phoenixes to revel in a pigskin panoply once more.

Thursday and Friday contained a decent smattering of amuse-bouche, including:

  • Rocky Top and Flat Top nearly honking at home to Appalachin State
  • Stanford outlasting K-State thanks to some Hubestank quarterbacking moments from the Cats and some timely assists from the Royce Gracie School of Cornerbacking
  • Petrino hopping on his War Cycle and unleashing his shiny chrome madmen to the tune of 70 points on hapless Charlotte
  • Baylor breaking the Irony Scale and playing a team of actual Demons in their first 2016 action, with their 55-7 win earning Jim Grobe 2.5 of his promised 30 pieces of silver this season

Today, the meat.






And many more.

Order your pizzas, loosen your belts, get your bets in, check out DaggaStats for a handy primer on which coaches you should praise/scorn during today’s action, and remember to pace your drinking...or actually don’t. Y’all or much more entertaining once the collective board BAC hits about .14.

Enjoy yo’selfs. Football is back.