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Matt Coleman signs with Texas, ready to go for Friday’s Jordan Brand Classic

The ceiling may be the roof.

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So, Matt Coleman is a Horn. Signed today.

The staff seems...pleased.

I remember watching TJ and DJ at their respective McDonald’s games. It was just immediately clear they could see the game a different way than most people can. It’s why the common observation, they just need a point guard, is sort of tiring. The great ones aren’t that common.

Hoops folks are pretty excited about this guy and I’ve watched a bit of film and like what I see. Skills and attitude.

Coleman was not selected to the McD’s game but will play in the Jordan Classic this FRI.

The school’s official release is here.

Coleman is joined by incoming guard Jase Febres out of Houston and forwards Royce Hamm Jr. and Jericho Sims, out of H Town and Minneapolis respectively.