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2018 Football Recruiting: QB Casey Thompson commits to Texas Longhorns

Notre Dame v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Southmoore, OK native committed to Texas today. He’s Herman’s 3rd commitment for the 2018 class.

The son of former OU QB Charles Thompson, Casey is a consensus 4 star dual threat QB.

Thompson is a mature, cerebral QB with good mobility who put up impressive statistics as a high school junior (a 32-4 TD/INT ratio, 20 rushing TDs). HUDL highlights here.

The 6-1, 185 pounder has good feet, a good first step when he pulls down the ball and he’ll be an effective runner at the college level from a spread offense. Thompson throws a nice catchable ball and is at his best leading receivers inside the hash. His greatest asset is his mental grade - he has a higher understanding of the game than 99% of his peers. He’s a film rat and he lives, breathes and eats football. Consider the possibility that we’ve identified a dual threat Major Applewhite.

Aside from mobility, Thompson doesn’t have elite physical characteristics that pop on film. He doesn’t exhibit a lot of arm strength in his film, his accuracy can be hit or miss on more complex routes and he’s already 18.5 years old - meaning his development curve is already substantially progressed vis a vis his peers. Whether that’s a positive or a negative is a matter of perspective. It could mean he’s ready to contribute meaningful depth at the college level that much earlier, but his ceiling may be diminished over the long haul.

Tom Herman targeted Thompson early, explored some other options and then circled back for his guy. Welcome to Texas.