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College Football Caste System

Mean ol’ Texas!

NCAA Football: Big 12 Conference-Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Stewart Mandel has updated his Program Pecking Order. Newest version here.

Like all Texas fans, I really enjoy the lie that won’t die.


Oh, Dan.

Anyway, on to the henhouse.

The Big 12 conference has two teams that are regal and eight teams who are in the lower two (of four) classes - six teams in the next-to-last and two teams in penury. The only reason this conference exists is because of Texas. Whether that fact exists because we were short-sighted or noble (I’d argue a bit of both), it’s the deal. I don’t buy the ‘greedy’ complaint. Every college in America would take our deal. Every one.

Agree with Stew’s rankings?