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2018 Smart Texas Basketball is Free!*

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The second edition of Smart Texas Basketball was a major success, arguably the biggest success we’ve ever had in terms of water. The third edition of the best Texas Longhorns basketball season preview ebook is here at last, and by ‘here’ I mean ‘not here’ and by ‘at last’ I mean you probably didn’t notice it was missing. Due to some exigent circumstances, the ebook is not coming out this year. I don’t want to get into too much detail except to say that ONE OF MY COAUTHORS decided that bringing life into this world was a bigger priority than spending three months writing a book that sold dozens of copies. MANY DOZENS. Alright, a few dozens. Still, it’s the principle of the thing; you can always make another baby, but basketball books are precious bundles of joy that bring a community together in celebra- you know what I get it now. Congratulations, Jeff. Be sure to hug that baby extra tight tonight, and try not to think of the shoe you could have bought for him/her/it with the royalties from the latest book.

This works out well for you, dear readers, as I have an unquenchable need to be heard and I’m contractually obligated to provide some form of basketball information here. I’ve put in the time and effort to create a season preview for Barking Carnival. It’s only 12 the number of writers as the season preview and I’m only 23 as motivated as I was to write the book, but that means you still get 13 the preview for 0% the price. That’s a great value any way you look at it. YOU’RE WELCOME.

The pieces will roll out every few days, and they each tackle different elements of the program and a bit of big picture discussion. Look for the articles to hit BC as follows:

  1. The Intro - Uhh, that’s what this is,
  2. Pro Leagues and the NCAA Talent Pool - 10/17
  3. Offense: Less Clang, More Bang - 10/19
  4. The Backcourt - 10/22
  5. The Frontcourt - 10/24
  6. How the Minutes Get Divided - 10/26
  7. Recruiting - 10/29
  8. Non-Conference Outlook - 10/31
  9. Big 12 Predictions - 11/2

Welcome back to basketball season, y’all. This should be a good one.