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Football Updates: Wheeler, Burt, Hager, Jamison, Roach

Kansas v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Hager is cleared to play. As is Jamison.

Josh Moore is probably done for a while and may need surgery on his shoulder.

Anthony Wheeler was late to a lifting session and will miss the first series of the WVU game. McCulloch will play in his place. We may want to leave McCulloch out there for a bit longer than that.

John Burt will finally be activated. We could use a viable deep threat. If he can catch it, there are a lot of yards available on deep posts in this office when teams focus on LJH and CJ.

Malcolm Roach will be available for limited snaps. I’d play him on the DL and get some late game pass rush. I’m sure conditioning is an issue for him since he’s been out.