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Big 12 Championship Game Delivers Big Audience

Texas-OU delivers 2nd best ratings of the week

Big 12 Championship - Texas v Oklahoma Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Saturday morning the Big 12 finally got what they wanted from when they put together a round-robin schedule with a conference championship game.

Texas vs. OU Part Deaux.

And it produced just what they hoped for. A play off team and lots and lots of TV viewers.

Nielsen says that 10.2 million viewers tuned in to see OU put Texas away in the 4th quarter Saturday. That is almost 5 million more than watched the game last month in Dallas. It also doubled the audience that watched OU-TCU in the Big 12 Championship game last year.

The Big 12 game was the 2nd most watched conference championship game of the week. Can you guess which game had a larger viewing Audience?

SEC Championship - Alabama v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Good Guess

Alabama’s win over Georgia was watched by 17.5 million viewers. Excluding bowls, that is the most-watched college football game since 2011. They take the game of college football seriously in SEC country. In Birmingham (#44 market) seven out of every ten TV’s in use were tuned in. In Atlanta (#9) it was three out of every ten.

The Ohio State-Northwestern Big 10 championship had 8.7 million. The ACC game (Clemson-Pitt) pulled in 4.2 million while the Pac 12 game between Washington and Utah had 4 million tuned in.