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Texas-West Virginia Coordinators Press Conference

Oklahoma State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Todd Orlando:

  • 4 cornerbacks will play against WVU
  • BJ Foster is playing “quite a bit”
  • Brandon Jones plays nickel well (I’d be tempted to keep him there)
  • Austin Kendall “has something to prove”
  • Kendall is a better runner than people perceive
  • Defensive depth is pretty good. Will allow some redshirts of the freshman class
  • Team feels fresh mentally and physically
  • Orlando still puzzled by 3rd down failures
  • West Virginia is good at getting the ball on the perimeter in the running game

Tim Beck:

  • No carryover from last year. This is a new West Virginia
  • H friendly offense. A lot of nickels are safeties or a team’s 3rd cornerback
  • Short yardage has been inefficient. Poor execution. (I think Texas has had some very poor calls - see OSU game)
  • Defenses are trying to keep Sam in the pocket. That’s not working out for them
  • Likes the young TEs on campus

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