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Final: Iowa State- 23, Texas- 21

Texas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Well, that ending was as fun as a colostomy bag water balloon fight.

Despite a sluggish offense for three quarters of play, the Longhorns rallied furiously from a 20-7 deficit to take the lead late in the 4th quarter on a clutch 4th and 8 touchdown pass from Ehlinger to Epps, but after the Texas defense held on ISU’s ensuing possession, the Texas offense played extremely conservatively on their next possession. On the heels of 80 and 89 yard scoring drives where Sam Ehlinger showed total command of the offense throwing the ball and Texas had showed little ability to run the ball all game.

Texas was content to run the ball into the line and then throw an incomplete screen that also stopped the clock.

The Cyclones got the ball with 3:00 left and proceeded to march down the field before the Longhorn defense stiffened and held. With 2:16 on the clock, ISU was faced with a 42 yard field goal to take the lead. If they made it, there was plenty of time for Texas to respond. If they missed, game over. Texas was actually in a pretty good spot.

But Texas made the only possible play that could snatch defeat out of the jaws of probable victory. Texas (Malcolm Roach) jumped off sides on 4th and 4 during the FG attempt. Gifting ISU with another set of downs and the ability to burn the entire clock before kicking the easy 36 yard game winner. That’s incredibly bad situational football. And a glaringly obvious sideline coaching point. Did that coaching point happen? This is not the first time in 2019 that Longhorn special teams has suffered from a distinct lack of situational awareness.

Attention to detail decides close football games and 2019 Texas is a poster child for losing games in the margins.

Texas is now 6-4 with two more game left in the regular season.

Hook ‘em.