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Pretend We’re Football talks Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and March Madness

Kelsea Ballerini, Forest Glen Whitehead & Jesse Lee ‘Peter Pan’ #1 Party Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Pretend We’re Football takes stock of the last three games, talks some Courtney Ramey, and looks at what it will take to make March Madness.


7:58 Quick Thoughts on BU, WVU, and K-State

16:00 Whose team will the be next year? Coleman or Ramey?

27:40 What is replicable and needs to be replicated?

29:35 What surprised you in a good or bad way?

32:05 What needs to be fixed

39:06 Where does Texas stand at the end of the season

43:28 What does it take for Texas to secure a spot in the tourney?

53:00 Grade Shaka Smart

Also I was on Chad and Kevin Wednesday talking about Kansas State, the issues against the 2-3 zone, and might have agreed to date Kevin for a month. Maybe.