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The 1-0 Podcast: Mixed Martial Arts For Dummies

UFC 248 Adesanya v Romero Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

BK and Joe Cook were kind enough to have me on to discuss Mixed Martial Arts, the UFC, and the recent uptick in MMA interest due to the amazing UFC 249 fight card and the dearth of live sporting content. Come for the MMA talk but stay for the Japanese Bug Fighting handicapping! Learn to win big on the chitinous monster of your dreams.

This week’s ep. of The 1-0 Podcast focuses solely on the UFC and the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help us casuals (Joe & BK) understand the sport a little more, we reach out to Paul Wadlington of the Everyone Gets a Trophy podcast to provide some knowledge and history about MMA fighting and the UFC. We hope you enjoy!