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So How Many People are Watching The SEC Network?

The SEC Network kick off with a ban this August, but knowing just how many people are tuning in may take a while.

NBA Longhorn Success

The Eyes of Texas are shining bright in the National Basketball Association.

SEC Network: High dollar buy, worth the cost?

ESPN is putting a high price tag on the new SEC Network, but it is betting that distributors will want to keep its sports fans happy

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Early Season Review of Texas Basketball

Frank Denius

In honor of Veterans Day

State Rep to Gov. Perry: Regent Hall should resign

One state representative on the committee investigating the possibility of impeaching UT System Regent Wallace Hall thinks he has a solution to the controversy. Hall should simply resign.

Legislator wants Wallace Hall's iPhone records

The battle between members of the Texas State Legislature and some UT Regents continues through the fall -- now with State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer asking to see the records of personal devices of Regent Wallace Hall.

Perry's people harass Powers "Because we can."

The battle over higher education reforms continues to heat up and focus on the conflict between members of the UT Board of Regents and UT-Austin President William Powers.

DeLoss officially hangs 'em up

Hook 'em!

Deloss Dodds to Announce Retirement Tuesday

The Austin American Statesman is reporting that Deloss Dodds will announce his retirement as UT Athletics Director effective Aug 31, 2014.

Interviewing the next Texas AD

The Joneses are jonesing for new leadership - but from whom?

Impeachment investigation of Wallace Hall on-going

While the soap opera that is Texas Football unfolds on the field this season, another soap opera involving members of the Board of Regents, the President of UT-Austin and members of the legislature will also continue apace.

Happy Birthday to The University

130 years and still going strong.

Nick Voinis: Report is "100% untrue"

The latest straight from Bellmont Hall.

UT says not so fast on Dodds news

Control the message.

T Shirts!

Get garbed.

Longhorn Network clears big hurdle

The Longhorn Network took a huge step towards enhanced availability throughout Texas when Time Warner Cable agreed Friday to carry the network on its expanded basic cable package throughout the state.

After you R.I.S.E., you have to S.T.A.N.D.

Longhorn football lives on the Longhorn Network

Here being the Longhorn Network.

MELTDOWN UPDATE: LHN will air Ole Miss game

New Mexico State and Kansas are confirmed; the third game remains undisclosed will be Ole Miss

Mack Brown Bruce Feldman Interview


Texas Longhorns Football: 2013 Season Trailer

Hook 'em.

SEC: The rich get richer

The SEC and ESPN formally announced the launching of the SEC Network, and it could once again raise the bar for other conferences in media rights money.

Thoughts and facts on Bev Kearney and the Texas AD


Catching up with Ship

His dad roomed with Sydmill Harris' father in college.

Texas Legislature all-in on regents controversy

The Texas Legislature has decided to become officially involved in the controversy involving the UT Board of Regents and President Powers, to the point of give a joint committee subpoena powers.

Durant's Valentine

Hook 'Em!

First Class

Disciplina praesidium civitatis

What If: 2005 Horns vs. SEC



TJ and VY.

Rod Wright on lighting the tower

And fat guy touchdowns.

Longhorn Network expands coverage

ESPN continues to work getting the Longhorn Network clearance in Texas and across the nation. Their parent company, Disney has reached an agreement with Charter Communications, the fourth-largest cable provider in the country.