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VY Update

One more preseason game to go but with news that Graham Harrell seems to have been released, things look promising for VY.

Featured Fanshot

VY had a great day at Packers Training Camp WED

"Vince Young is clearly different today than he was this time last week," McCarthy said. "He's progressing. We've been able to spend some extra time with him. It's been beneficial."

Thinking Texas Football excerpt: Why Go Uptempo?

The argument for Hurry Up No Huddle in less than 700 words.

Another Vince in Green Bay

VY. Forever.

ICYMI: Kenny Vaccaro's Path To The Pros

The Longhorn great worked hard on his way to the NFL combine and draft. Here's some footage.

Flash Goodwin

Buffalo Rumblings.

How Vaccaro Won Over The Saints

A lesson in scouting.

Featured Fanshot

Coddling of Vince Young in college should serve as a warning for Manti Te'o's NFL career

I hate this story. I hate it because of its half-truths. No discussion of rookie of the year. No discussion of the two Pro Bowls. No mention of saving Jeff Fisher's job for him one year. Jeff Fisher! Irony! VY knows a lot of his problems are of his own making but to posit that he spent all of his time in the NFL curled up like a toddler is silly and inaccurate. Go look at his stats through his first five years and compare them to the best in the game. Go ask Chris Johnson what he thinks. Go ask Kenny Britt if the $5,000 fine was worth it. Ask fellow Longhorn Bo Scaife about the locker room. I don't even want to get into Mack and coddling. I'm about spent on that. Yeah, I'm a huge VY homer. So, I ask you guys, is that a fair representation of his NFL career?

NFL Playoffs Open Thread: May the football be good

You're looking live! 4 degrees in Denver. 70 in Austin.

Returning the NFL's contempt for its fans.

The Golden Tate fiasco is just the latest example of how NFL owners have treated their fans with pure and utter contempt in compromising their product with inept officiating. Barking Carnival returns serve.

Fantasy football dork breaking down the game.

BC's resident fantasy football dork breaks down the start and sit decisions for Week Three.