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Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen cited by cops.

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Notre Dame's heralded freshman QB Jimmy Clausen was cited for transporting alcohol by Indiana State Excise police. The incident occurred on June 23 outside a liquor store near the university campus.

An unidentifed 23 year old bought the alcohol while Clausen waited outside in a Chevy Tahoe. Because the police were sitting in an unmarked car, Clausen was unable to read their defense.

"I thought Jimmy showed a lot of leadership," said Irish head coach Charlie Weiss. "To be only a freshmen and already have a 23 year old buying you alcohol is quite a feat. The upperclassmen really respond to Jimmy."

"I remember when I was a freshman," Weiss continued. "The only older guys I knew would call me 'Haystacks Calhoun' and then pants me. Then they would make me drink bacon grease until I passed out. Delicious bacon grease."


Clausen's accomplice purchased a couple of bottles of vodka, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a case of Natural Light. Southern Miss basketball coach Larry Eustachy declined to comment.

Clausen's mother, Cathy, released a statement.

"We tried to prepare Jimmy for something like this," she said. "That's why we had him start school a year late and then held him back in the sixth grade. It wasn't for athletic purposes. It was so he would be of drinking age when he entered college."