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God tells Marc Richt to stop calling stupid plays.

Georgia coach Marc Richt is no longer calling his own plays. That sound you heard was Bulldog fans letting out a collective sigh of relief.

Like anyone coaching football in the South, he talked to God about his decision. A burning hedge?

"I'd been praying about it," Richt said. "I wanted to see if God would help me out a little bit. I'm not trying to be pious, but that's how I handle all my big decisions."

And God owed him after letting Vanderbilt beat them last year.

Richt also talked to his wife Katharyn.

"He wouldn't get home until 10 or 11 o'clock at night, and then he was still preoccupied," she said. "During intercourse he would scream out 'Go deep!'"

So Mike Bobo, the 33 year old OC and QBs coach, is handling the playcalling this year. Richt said he knew he was the guy after Bobo called the plays in the season ending wins over Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech last year.


Against Georgia Tech they finished with 255 total yards and 8 offensive points. Virginia Tech held them to 9 first downs and 200 total yards, but they scored 31 points thanks to 4 Hokie turnovers.

Maybe it wasn't God who spoke to Richt.