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Random thoughts on Ga Tech-Notre Dame

The first game I watched on Saturday was Georgia Tech vs Notre Dame. Why? Two reasons. First, because I wanted to watch Jon Tenuta's defense, and second because I wanted to see Notre Dame fail. I was not disappointed. The only thing that prevented this from being worse than it could have been was Georgia Tech's poor offensive performance in the red zone.

Texas fans pay attention. Ga Tech's defense is what a twisting, stunting and blitzing defense looks like. This is what you thought you were getting with Akina. Tenuta was able to get 2 and 3 guys free to the quarterback whenever he wanted. Blitz, delayed blitz, whatever. It didn't matter. Nine different players had sacks.

On offense GT is led by RB Tashard Choice, WR James Johnson and their offensive line. Choice reminds me of Michigan's Mike Hart, but I think he's better. The guy is going to have to carry the ball 30 times a game this year though. Johnson is a good receiver who was wide open for at least 2-3 touchdowns, but the QB couldn't deliver him the ball. They'll have to get better QB play because teams will scheme to stop Choice.

Notre Dame is a bad football team. Really bad. No playmakers on either side of the ball. I would not be surprised to see them start the season1-7.

First, they have no QB. You got the wrong QB from Chicago, Charlie Weis. Illinois got the right one. ND tried to design running plays for Demetrius Jones, but the guy is hesitant and doesn't protect the football. They replaced him with Evan Sharpley in the second quarter. Seriously Notre Dame? That's your backup QB? But the play from the QBs didn't really matter because they couldn't protect them. Their offensive line had more holes in it than the Immaculate Conception. Part of the problem is that Weis calls way too many deep routes. Ga Tech was able to get to him time and time again while he's sitting back in the pocket waiting for the slow white guy to come free on the post. They need to call some plays that get the ball out of the QB's hands quicker. And they need some playmakers at wide receiver. The problem with signing guys like Robby Paris is that eventually you have to play them.

The change from the 4-3 to 3-4 just means they have one less crappy defensive lineman and one more crappy linebacker on the field. Senior Justin Brown set the tone by getting ejected in the first quarter. Nice leadership there, Justin. The front 7 got gouged again and again on Ga Tech's counter play. When Ga Tech decided to pass, there was no pressure and the receivers were generally running free.

Bright spots? There weren't any.