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Random thoughts on Ok St-Georgia

Dear Mike Gundy,

Stop running the option with Bobby Reid. It's not something he does well. Here's how it worked against Georgia: Reid runs down the line of scrimmage, comes to a complete stop and then gets clocked by either a Georgia linebacker or safety. He seems to be a better runner when it's not a designed play. And roll him out more. Your offensive line struggled in pass protection so he needs to be out of the pocket. Make Dez Bryant your number two receiver yesterday. He's a future star and better than any other receiver on your team not named Adarius Bowman. Your tight end is a poor man's Alonzo Mayes who is going to catch a lot of passes this year.

Your defense wasn't that bad against Georgia's conservative gameplan, but you gave them 14 points off special teams and allowed Georgia to control the time of possession in the second half. Tonga Tea looks like a potential run stopper at DT. And teach your players about the spin move in practice. Every time a Georgia RB did one, your guy whiffed.

Dear Marc Richt,

Trust Matt Stafford. I know against Oklahoma St you had him playing not to get you beat, but the guy is going to have throw downfield this year. Sean Bailey has a world of potential so go out and find a number two. Knowshon Moreno is going to be very good as long as he doesn't get hurt like every other running back you've had the last 4 years. Your line is a work in progress.

Your defense won't be as good as last year's, but they're fast. You have two good DTs, and I like your starting linebackers. You'll miss last year's defensive ends, Johnson moreso than Moses. Can you get pressure with just your front four?