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Miami vs Oklahoma

It's been almost 20 years since Oklahoma and Miami have played each other. They played each other in 1985, 1986 and on New Year's Day 1988 with every game having national title implications. OU went 33-3 during that time with a national championship in 1985. Their only 3 losses were to Miami including the 1988 Orange Bowl for the national championship. Miami went an identical 33-3, winning one national championship and playing for another. Twenty five players from both teams went in the 1988 NFL draft About that same number probably ended up in prison.

It was a changing of the guard in college football, a shift of power from traditional OU to the newcomer Miami and a new emphasis on pro style offenses and smaller, faster defenses. Most importantly the games showcased the emergence of Florida high school talent.

Miami fans then and now

Both teams went in separate directions after the '88 title game. Barry Switzer resigned after the 1988 season after shooting one of his players during an argument over a cassette tape or something. NCAA probation shortly followed. Three different coaches were hired and fired until Bob Stoops came along and restored the program to its past glory. NCAA probation shortly followed. The wishbone is gone for good.

Oklahoma quarterbacks then and now

Miami went on to win 3 more national titles and was the most dominant college football team of the era. They did have their peaks and valleys though, and right now they're in the midst of a rebuilding phase. It goes something like this: coach builds national title team, leaves for pro job, his replacement wins with his players then loses discipline and gets fired and then a former assistant comes in to start the rebuilding process.

Oklahoma head coaches then and now

Although they last played in 1988, the two programs still couldn't help but be reminded of each other. The coach of Miami, Jimmy Johnson, went on to coach the Dallas Cowboys where he was replaced by Switzer. Two of Johnson's best players were former OU QB Troy Aikman and Miami WR Michael Irvin. John Blake, who was a Cowboys assistand under Switzer, became the OU head coach. He replaced Howard Schnellenberger, who won Miami's first national title in 1983. And seemingly every year Bob Stoops' name comes up in connection with the Dallas head coaching job.