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Bash Your Bookie Bets: Week 3

So far, so mediocre. We're pimping a pedestrian 5-5 thus far on posted plays but still up 2 units by going 2 and 0 on the Big 12 game of the week 2 unit plays. Still, not what we're used to. A wise man once said,"Girls are sadistic, materialistic, looking for a man makes them opportunistic, they're lyin' on the beach perpetratin' a tan, so a brother with money could be their man." Just sit back and let that sink in. At plus two units minus big juice, we're not living up to the wise words of this young brother.

Yes, Young MC transcends sports gambling, bitches.

So with the concept of making money in mind, on to the picks. Week 3 is a back to the basics card with some home dogs to get well on. This is the week the public takes it in the shorts. Here goes, all plays one unit unless otherwise stated.

Maryland +17 vs. WVU. You could probably wait and get a better number as the public bets up the Mountaineers up until kickoff. 17 should be enough though, considering Friedgen loves to control ballgames by keeping his offense in short and manageable and playing good fundamental ball. WVU will accomodate his philosophy with its horrendous defensive unit. WVA will score for sure, but Friedgen will limit possessions and his team will play within the number. Hell, the back to back double TD favorite roadies WVU is undertaking might make the Terrapins a live dog here. Love this spot. WVU 34 to 28.

TCU -7.5 @ Air Force. Bad, bad spot for the Frogs here. They lost their Superbowl at Texas and now get a service academy. The value in the line and matchups more than make up for it in my opinion. TCU is a solid two and half TD favorite if they pull off the upset in Austin. They also sport one of the top rushing defenses in the nation and see the AFA style of attack every year. On offense, Dalton has shown enough to move the ball through the air which is a dimension the Horned Frogs haven't had in recent years. The question is, will they show up emotionally. I think they do. TCU 31 to 10.

**Big 12 Pick of The WEEK**Troy +10.5 vs. Ok State. 2 units. I love double digit home dogs, especially when they can match up physically with the favorite. And in this case they can, as this Troy squad has a solid group of SEC recruitable talent. They've also played on the road against two very tough SEC opponents with some success. Troy's QB Haugabook will be the best QB State has faced to date, and he should light up the Poke secondary in the home opener. I like Troy to stay close and lose on a FG at the end. Another live dog OK State 31 to 30.

No, I said Haugabook. One gets asked how long he's been a black quarterback. The other hates Danny White.

Va Tech -20.5 vs. Ohio . Ever swing a baseball bat with a donut on it? Well, the Hokies were swinging that bat when they went down to Baton Rouge last week. This week, the donut comes off when they face a horrid Ohio team. Embarrassed on national TV and sporting a new signal-caller, Va Tech will show up and score in all 3 phases. Tech rolls 41 to 3.

Tenny +8 vs. Florida Let's be realistic, this will be Tim Tebow's first test of his young career. Contrast that with Tenny who's faced an elite offense at Cal and an above average defensive unit in So. Miss. Florida has yet to face a true test, and throwing against a banged up secondary, Eric Ainge should find suprisingly big windows to throw to, which gives the Vols a shot to win outright. If they can rattle Tebow and make him make some reads and throw the football the Vols will be in great shape. Can Florida score with Tenny? That's a peculiar question to be asking an 8 point fave, but I'm asking it. Weird line. I think Tenny gets it done. I don't need the points but I'll take 'em. 31 to 28 Tenny.

Unfortunately for Florida, Tennessee's nemesis is a cock. So is HenryJames for that matter.

Other games I'll be considering:

UNLV +17 at home to a Hawaii team that's been stateside for two straight weeks and struggled with a bad La Tech team

UH -14.5 vs. Tulane

Kentucky+7 at home vs. a Louisville team that comes up with new and innovative ways to score as well as give up points.

Good luck to everyone, except the clowns that only claim to tail me on the losses. Don't misunderestimate the value of free money and an intact scrotum. It's the little things fellas.

Here's to a winning weekend.