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Urban Meyer hates Allen Iverson

Urban Meyer looks like a grown up version of Frankie Muniz. I don't care. I like him anyway. He's a baby-faced assassin. And he tells you where you stand with him.

He calls his Tuesday practices 'Bloody Tuesday.' It's a full speed practice during which Meyer breaks down areas of his team then builds them back up. Why? Because despite what the press releases might say, not every practice is good and you need to let the players know it.

He wasn't too happy with the second team offensive line after Tuesday's practice.

"Everyone has a job," Meyer said. "You walk in a place of business, and there are some guys who don't quite work as hard as other guys. And the difference between football, a tough sport, a violent sport, now if someone doesn't do their job there's a chance that someone is going to get free and hit the quarterback in the back of the head."

Accountability to both your coaches and your teammates.

"That happened in practice today. And it's not a starter, it's a guy that's obviously got more interest in other things than to protect the quarterback's backside."

Every team gets 85 scholarships, but he knows the difference between a scholarship player at Troy St and one at Tennessee.

"All due respect to our first two teams, this is now the SEC and Tennessee," Meyer said. "The twos have to be accountable and right now they're not. Some are, but a pretty good chunk are not."

We're not even talking about the game. We're talking about practice.