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Our Linebackers

. . . have never taken on a block correctly. They have no concept of gap control. They overrun some plays and under run others. They can't tackle. They are too slow laterally to be effective in coverage. Not a single one of them can be considered "fast." One of them next to Derrick Johnson is OK, even two of them and DJ is acceptable. But all three of them together combine of one big black hole of suck that submarines everything we try to do on defense. I have no idea what Mack or Akina is waiting for, but we need to get Killebrew and Bobino off the field before something tragic happens.

First off, you don't take on a block by lowering your shoulder and bowling aimlessly into your blocker, Scott Derry. That is exactly what they want you to do. You need to strike them with your hands to maintain some separation. Second, if your assigned gap is to your right, for the love of Vince, keep your right arm free. Attack the OL with your left shoulder and arm.

And Bobino, I know you love to attack at the first sign of a run, but when you just charge into the backfield as the RB blows right past you, maybe it's time to, oh, I don't know, slow down and bend your knees. I can't count the number of times everyone was in position and Bobino just let a RB run right past him like he was an overeager gunner on the punt team.

Disgraceful. Yeah, Colt sucked again after the first quarter. Yeah, our run game is stupid. Yeah, we miss Sweed and Pittman. But we are twice as good a football team when our backup LBs are in the game (and sober).