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Positive or Cynical?

Positive fan: Texas averaged 5.3 yards per carry against UCF--Greg's a top-notch OC.

Cynical fan: Take out Jamaal's 27-yard, 28-yard, & 46-yard run and Texas averaged 3.2 yards per carry the rest of the game. Add in two lost fumbles, and it's clear Greg rides the special bus to work.
Positive fan: Texas is averaging 30 points per game--Greg rocks.

Cynical fan: SMU scored seven more points than UT did against Arkansas State. Greg's head is full of rocks.
Positive fan: Jamaal Charles is 9th in the country in rushing yards per game. Woo-Hoo!

Cynical fan: Among the top 100 rushers, he's 47th in yards per carry. Boo-Hoo.
Positive fan: We've got two WR in the top 25 in catches per game (Nate Jones is #11, Quan is #21). Our passing attack is great!

Cynical fan: Quan is averaging 7 yards per catch (86th of the top 87 receivers), and Nate 9.25 (76th of the top 87). 45 catches, 2 TD's between them. Malcolm Kelly of OU is averaging 21.5 yards per catch, and has 7 TD's so far on 14 catches. Our passing game is a piss-poor imitation of Tech's (where Michael Crabtree is averaging 14.16 per catch, and has 8 TD's on 38 receptions). Our all-american candidate, Limas Sweed, has 5 catches for 35 yards in the past two games. Ugh.
Positive fan: Colt McCoy has completed 67% of his passes this year--he's picked up right where he left off last year.

Cynical fan: In the last six games of his career, Colt McCoy has thrown more INT's (8) than TD's (6), and went from averaging 8.33 yards per attempts his first 10 games to 7.21 YPA the last three games of 2006 to 6.11 YPA the first three games of 2007 (5.5 vs UCF). Colt's becoming less and less of a downfield threat.
Positive fan: Jermichael Finley's really picking things up--he had 7 catches against UCF, one off his career high set against Iowa.

Cynical fan: And as was the case in the Iowa game, Jermichael managed fewer than 8 yards per catch. The words "offensive weapon" are oxymoron's in Greg Davis's 2007 offense.
Positive fan: Texas is 3-0--and that's the bottom line. Lots of teams would love to be 3-0.

Cynical fan: While that's hard to disagree with, there are 31 other undefeated teams in D-1, including Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, Hawaii, Air Force, Connecticut, Indiana, and Tulsa. Good company? Let's re-visit this one after the OU game.
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