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Texas Tech's offensive line is fat

They're giant. Their starting five average 6'6" and 336 pounds according to the Dallas Morning News.

New Tech offensive line coach Matt Moore says he doesn't want the players to get comfortable so he's shifting them around to different positions on the line. He certainly wouldn't want them to get sedentary.


"You don't want five guys who are settled in their positions," Moore said. "You want them to be a little nervous about practicing bad and losing their spot. You don't want them to know when you'll make them do the truffle shuffle."

Right guard Brandon Carter is the joker of the group and also the biggest, and the DMN says his 6'7" 374 pound body is 'littered with tattoos.' His dorm room is littered with more animal bones than the Mesozoic Era.

The smallest of the group is center Shaun Byrnes (6'4" 303). Head coach Mike Leach likes him though.

"He's a big, burley, smart guy with a quick first step and a great taste in clothes,"
 height=Leach said. "Pretty much my kind of guy."

Shaun Byrnes at left.

The best player on the line is left guard Louis Vasquez (6"6" 335), and he is the only returning starter. He's closed more Pancho's Mexican Buffets than the health department.

Right tackle Jake Johnson (6'7" 353) was offered a scholarship from Troy State out of high school so you know he's good.

And last but not least we have left tackle Rylan Reed (6'7" 315), a 25 year old former pitcher with the Chicago White Sox. He's downed many a pitcher since then.