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Ohio State fans are nice to each other

Some Ohio State fans are capable of decent behavior. While you're picking yourself up off the floor, allow me to clarify. No, not to opposing fans. But to each other.

Buckeye fan Kevin John can attest to this. He lost his camera at the Ohio St - Youngstown St game on September 1st. The camera contained pictures of John and his son with tOSU's mascot Brutus Buckeye. He's named Brutus because he stabs opposing mascots with a dagger whenever they enter Ohio Stadium.

"I told my son, 'We've got the memories in our mind. We'll have to remember those,'" said John. "We can probably watch Escape from New York to recreate the atmosphere on High Street."

His camera was found by a Buckeye fan, Michelle Montgomery, and her husband on the way to the game. After determining it didn't belong to a Youngstown fan and thus wouldn't have to be hurled through the windshield of a car with a Michigan sticker on it, the couple decided to try to find the rightful owner.

Montgomery forwarded the picture with the mascot to some friends asking if they recognized the man in the picture. If not, she asked them to forward it to their friends. This type of Buckeye initiative and organization is typically seen only during couch burnings.

In less than 48 hours John was in contact with Montgomery.

"We were flabbergasted," he said. "It's the same feeling we get when Jim Tressel calls a pass on 2nd and 2."