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Lyle Setencich Resigns, Big 12 mourns


Getting over easily on the Tech defense may have just gotten marginally more difficult than getting over on a Tech co-ed.

Setencich, now replaced by interim DC Ruffin McNeill, has long played defensive albatross to Mike Leach's offensive genius and it should be interesting to see if Tech can cobble together a defense several steps above sub-marginal after their horrendous display against the Cowboys. This (forced) resignation is premised on the notion that if your offense amasses around 700 yards of offense, you should eke out a victory.

What does this all mean?

1. Nothing. Tech's defenses reek because of their recruiting. Who cares who the captain is on the Titanic? The offense can't protect a lead and you can't get a four star defensive recruit to sniff Lubbock. In fact, who wants to sniff Lubbock, anyway? While they're at it, Tech should install the Veer. Goddamn Sand Aggies.

2. Something. Tech may not have great athletes, but playing a bend-but-don't-break defense is incompatible with Tech's offense. It allows teams to dictate tempo. They need turnovers and big plays, even if they do give up some points. Any change here is a positive if they'll put in an attacking style unconventional defense. Recruiting may even get better as they place a premium on speed and make it a fun system to play in - see TCU. The Big 12 South just got more dangerous.

3. Everything. Setencich was the sole barrier to Tech writing their names large in the annals of college football. Tech will finally make a move as a national player to be feared. Texas Tech is a sleeping giant.

Where do you fall?