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Steve Spurrier does the unusual, changes quarterbacks

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier went and replaced his starting quarterback. Again. Why is this news? It's news because, uh, ok it's not really news.

The latest to get the Spurrier yank (Urban Dictionary entry pending) is senior Blake Mitchell. It shouldn't come as a surprise to Mitchell as he was benched last season as well. Freshman Chris Smelley will get the victory start this week against Mississippi State.

"Every time I dropped back to pass I would say a Hail Mary."

Spurrier has always treated his quarterbacks the same way. Like shit. His offense is what matters, and he views quarterbacks as replaceable parts in that offense. Think of him as Bill Walsh in a visor.

And when Smelley inevitably does something to draw Spurrier's ire, who will replace him?

Blake Mitchell, or course.