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Ohio State gives out a lot of awards

If you play for Ohio State, your chances of winning an award goes up. I'm not talking about national awards, nor am I talking about the kind of year end awards that are handed out at football banquets. Like at say Texas.

I'm talking about awards that Ohio State hands out after every game.They have the standard offensive, defensive and special teams players of the week.

They also have awards for their scout team so walkons can feel wanted. Kudos to you, Joe Gantz.

Now the important stuff. Linebacker Marcus Freeman won the 'Attack Force' award. Tackle Alex Boone won the Jim Parker offensive lineman award. No less than four contenders have been nominated for the Jack Tatum Hit of the Week award.

And last but not least, backup QB Antonio Henton won the Maurice Clarrett award.

"You win teh prize!"