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Heisman Watch


It's never too early to handicap the Heisman race so here's the latest results from the Rocky Mountain News poll. The paper has the longest running weekly Heisman poll.

Florida QB Tim Tebow 35 points

Ron Powlus predicts Tebow will win at least two Heismans.

Arkansas RB Darren McFadden 27 points

Houston Nutt will bring a woman that isn't his wife to the ceremony. Danny Nutt will be barred from the building.

Kentucky QB Andre Woodson 18 points

Beano Cook will confuse him with both Andre Ware and Charles Woodson. Voters will confuse him with a basketball player.

USC QB John David Booty 15 points

Pete Carroll will play catch with him on the dais and then take him out for ice cream after he doesn't win.

Oregon QB Dennis Dixon 12 points

Phil Knight will force Vietnamese children to stuff the ballot box. Dixon will wear 3 different suits to the ceremony.

Boston College QB Matt Ryan 12 points

His only Hail Marys have come in church, and he plays for the wrong Catholic school.

West Virginia QB Pat White 12 points

See Major Harris.