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Nebraska defense only able to stop fans' expectations

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Times are hard in Nebraska. Unless your offense is playing the Cornhuskers. The Nebraska defense has given up an average of 480+ yards to their last 3 opponents.

The defense actually got booed during last week's game against Ball State.

Linebacker Steve Octavien said afterward "If they don't like it, they don't have to come and watch the game."

He apologized yesterday. After watching film?

"This is the first time in my career that we haven't had the support," fellow linebacker Corey McKeon said. "It's hard enough to win ball games in today's college football."

Even harder with Bill Callahan as your coach.

"You're a student-athlete. It's supposed to be fun," McKeon said. "You say 'student-athlete,' and all people look at is the football. They don't care about anything else. If I miss a class or if I get a bad grade on a quiz, it's not in the paper."

And that's why Mike Gundy doesn't read the paper.

Many Nebraska fans are calling for Defensive Coordinator Gary Darnell Kevin Cosgrove to be fired, but Mackovic Callahan says his job is safe.

"We visualize and envision the opportunity to win a national championship," Callahan said. "When it doesn't go well, and you get knocked down a few notches and you have problems in one certain area, you've got to fix it."

Unless that area is the head coach.