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We Have A Problem At QB

Call it a sophomore slump, if you want, but Colt McCoy has been terrible. His footwork is non-existent, he's impatient in the pocket, his accuracy is all over the place, he's easily frustrated, and he doesn't fit what we're trying to do.

The problem is, we're not going to replace him. If Robert Killabrew keeps getting playing time, so will Colt. John Chiles probably isn't ready to play full time, but if we're going to keep getting bad results from QB, I'd much rather get them from somebody who has the higher ceiling.

Does Mack have the guts to make a change? No. Greg Davis will still be our coordinator. Colt will still be our QB. Killabrew and Bobino will still be our LBs. One has to wonder if Mack even cares about being great. We're stagnant and we need a change to get us out of our funk. I say, let Chiles, and a couple other freshmen play full time and let's focus on next year, when we'll be a force. Let's rebuild. Thoughts?