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Barry Switzer cannot tell a lie

At least not yesterday. To the Dallas Morning News. About this year's Texas and Oklahoma football teams.

Every year the week of the Texas-OU game, Switzer does a conference call with reporters or something. He gives them some good quotes, bangs their wives and then sends someone to spy on them at work. Afterwards he'll stagger into some black guy's house, say 'I like collard greens too!' and offer him a scholarship to Oklahoma.

'I'll take some ribs and a tailback.'

But he knows football, and his thoughts on both teams are accurate.

On Texas:

"Texas hasn't played well all year. They haven't found an identity on offense. They don't have a running game. They have quarterback problems. I don't know what they're trying to do."


"I'm worried about Mack [Brown] and Colt McCoy because of the concussion. If he plays and gets hurt again, I'm worried about what will happen ... and the criticism that will be brought on Mack and the Texas program."

Fortunately Brown has really thick skin.

On Oklahoma:

"Bob (Stoops) is doing a great job, but the one thing that has hurt Bob is he's lost games that he's been a double-digit favorite. [They're] games you don't anticipate to lose."

He called OU's loss last week to Colorado a 'shocker' and said that the Sooners lack leadership because of their youth.


"They are so young that they don't have the senior leadership with the guys who have been there."