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South Carolina vs Kentucky actually means something

Seriously. When was the last time that happened? Probably never. When will it happen again? Probably never. You will always remember where you were and what you were doing the day you heard the score. Like the day Kennedy got shot.

"You guys have seen this game for how many years? What'd it mean?" South Carolina's Steve Spurrier said. "Somebody won, somebody lost and somebody's still in position to win six (games)?"

Kentucky is undefeated and ranked in the Top 10. South Carolina is 4-1 and ranked #11. The winner might have the inside track to winning the SECession East. Or they might not. Both teams still have to play Florida.

South Carolina is here because of Spurrier and their defense. The defense is led by senior LB Jasper Brinkley, a 6-2 260 lb ball of hate. He almost went pro last year but decided to come back for his senior season. He...what? He's injured and out for the year? Shit. He's the only South Carolina player I knew. On to Kentucky.

Kentucky is led by QB Andre Woodson, a legitimate Heisman candidate and also the only Wildcat player I know. We'll find out just how legitimate he is in the next 3 weeks when Kentucky plays South Carolina, LSU and Florida.

Kentucky players don't see what all the excitement is about.

"There's no reason to get excited about it," senior WR Keenan Burton said. "I'm pretty sure everyone's excited that Kentucky's No. 8, but, to us, it's not really a surprise."

Kentucky took a chance on Rich Brooks and his career winning percentage of 44%. Oregon went 4-7 the year before he took over the job in 1977. A mere twelve years later he won 8 games. He's won more than 8 games once in his career.

To me that's not really a surprise.

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