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Roy Williams doesn't tip

Former Texas Longhorn and current Detroit Lions' wide receiver Roy Williams doesn't tip the pizza guy. Williams disclosed that fact in an interview last week with WDFN.

'Now imagine that delivery guy is black.'

Williams apparently changed this policy after the public outcry and after talking with a Pizza Hut delivery guy over the weekend. He set the record straight on Monday with another interview with the station.

"And guess who pulls up next to me?" Williams said. "Pizza Hut man. I roll my window down and I say, 'Pizza dude, how much am I supposed to tip you?' He said, 'Three, four maybe five dollars.' ... So I'm going to start tipping the pizza man."

But that wasn't enough for Pizza Hut president Scott Bergren. He sent a letter to Williams:

Dear Roy,

We heard that you haven’t been tipping pizza delivery drivers, but recently chatted with one of our drivers and decided you need to start tipping. When a Pizza Hut pizza arrives hot and fresh, it’s easy to be distracted by all the deliciousness you’re about to enjoy, and our drivers certainly appreciate you taking the time to tip.

But what about all the drivers who missed being tipped in the past?

We’d like to issue you a challenge. Agree to work as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut for just one day in Detroit, and we’ll forgive all your previous tipping transgressions.

Furthermore, we’ll collect all the tips you receive and donate them to the World Food Programme as part of our World Hunger Relief Week, which is kicking-off October 14.

So, Roy, what do you say? There are a lot of hungry fans out there waiting.


Scott Bergren
President, Pizza Hut

Distracted by all the deliciousness? No.

He didn't tip because he's black. And black dudes don't tip.

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