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10 Thoughts On The Oklahoma Loss

1. Greg Davis called a B+ game today. We still don't show much imagination in the passing game, but the playcalls were good enough to win. Receivers were open enough, and we adjusted after we couldn't run up the middle on normal zone plays. I would've called more counters, and naturally, JerMichael Finely was nowhere to be found in the second half, but Davis wasn't a problem at all.

2. Here are some plays we've been saving for OU for no good reason:

  • A sprint out counter. We've run it before and I have no idea why we don't run it more, considering how good a play it is and how often we sprint out.
  • A draw. Only took a year and a half, but we finally installed the first basic building block of a shotgun run offense. This play killed and we needed to run it 5 more times overall.
  • Finally, a playfake out of our goalline package. I don't know why we don't do this more. It's the best play in football. It doesn't matter if teams know you do it, it has a stunningly high success rate. Look at the Patriots, they do it half the time, and to the same guy, and it almost never fails. Ours went for 50 yards because every OU LB has his mind blown simultaneously.
  • A crazy, rocket pitch counter of some sort. I can't wait to see how rpongett labels this. It's going to be high comedy. I've seen us run it once before, but I thought the FB messed up a normal rocket pitch. Otherwise, I have no idea where this play came from because I've never seen it before. Worked pretty well.

3. Vondrell McGee should be the starter until Jamaal Charles learns to take care of the ball. That fumble cost us the game. Let Charles earn back his starting job by giving him 5-10 touches a game. Until then, let him know we've got another pretty good player behind him who won't drop the ball every single game.

4. As much as Allen Patrick sucks, Demarco Murray doesn't suck. He has that rare body lean that makes him a bitch to arm tackle. And since our greatest strength as a defense is off balance arm tackling, Allen Patrick dying in the 2nd quarter might have been the best thing to happen to OU since Bomar got kicked off the team. I have no idea why everybody suddenly got so lukewarm on him late in the recruiting game that he ended up at OU. USC wanted him at CB, and he's better than anyone they've got at RB.

5. On OU's last, long TD drive, we had Derry, Bobino, and Killebrew in the entire drive. Their slowness added yardage to at least 5 plays. Congrats to Bobino, who whiffed in the backfield by diving for no reason for the 100th time on Murray's long TD run. He's like that LB in Tecmo Bowl that dives as you run right around him. Or, even better, a Madden gamer who always presses the dive button to tackle and ends up taking some crazy angle and whiffing completely. I wonder if he goes low on tackling dummies too. Derry missed about 7 tackles today. I'm not even sure Killebrew did anything. I sure never saw him. Kindle played exceptionally well, which makes it official that all three starting LBs have somebody twice as good behind them. I'm looking forward to May's graduation ceremonies.

6. Lokey and Okam dominated in the run game. They were pushing OL all over the place. It was often wasted by a missed tackle or two, but it was nice to see. I'm sure they are big fans of our starting LBs.

7. My biggest fear going into the game was the cushion our corners give opponent WRs because the safeties need to be up for run support, and it bit us hard in the second half. OU took 7 yards whenever they wanted it. Most teams that do what we do change it up with cover 2 to keep offenses honest, because it keeps both corners short and able to jump those out routes. We should. It's an amateur mistake not to, especially when Colorado just beat OU by staying in cover 2 all game last week and especially when our safeties so rarely make plays in the run game.

8. Colt's fine, but the Chiles era needs to begin. I know it won't, so I won't bother wasting many words on it. We need a runner at QB, and Colt has a ton of bad habits.

9. We handled DeMarcus Granger. He had a few plays but overall he didn't do squat. Credit to Tanner and Griffin. The rest of the DL didn't do anything either, other than a few coverage sacks.

10. This was our best game of the year and we still lost. It's October 6th and our season is over. We have a 4 game conference losing streak for the first time in 50 years. Time to play the youngsters, Mack.