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A look at the Big 12 North after two conference games

Missouri - Nothing about Missouri that we didn't know before the season. Great offense, bad defense. They've yet to lose one they shouldn't, but Gary Pinkel is still their coach. At Oklahoma this week should tell them how good they really are. They get Tech and A&M at home in what will be shootouts, but they have to play defensive minded Colorado, Kansas State and Kansas on the road.

'The chart says we'll win the North.'

Colorado - Offensive minded Dan Hawkins is doing it with a defense made up of Jordon Dizon and 10 other ex-intramural dudes I can't name. Altitude is Colorado's friend, and they dominate TOP at home even though Hawkins thinks it's a meaningless stat. They have a favorable schedule left with Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri all in Boulder.

Colorado's front four in their Hoth alignment.

Nebraska - Nebraska signed Bill Callahan to an extension after a 52-10 win over Nevada. Why? They've played like shit in 4 of their last 5 games and got blown out by USC and Missouri. Their defense is horrible, and there's a chance they could lose every one of their last 6 games. DC Kevin Cosgrove will be the sacrificial lamb at the end of the year.

Cosgrove can drive his U-Haul truck through that hole.

Kansas St - The Wildcats again follow up a big win over Texas with a loss to Kansas. They've drastically cut down on their penalties, but turnovers from Josh Freeman kill them. He's had 6 turnovers in their two losses. They win with defense, special teams and Ron Prince dances. They get Colorado and Missouri at home.

[ev type="youtube" data="rJABCXZUbzM"][/ev]

Kansas - The Jayhawks are ranked in the Top 5 in the nation in both total offense and total defense. They're not nearly that good at either, but they're at least solid at both. Todd Reesing is a poor man's Chase Daniel. Mark Mangino is a poor man's Jupiter. They have Colorado, A&M and Oklahoma State on the road and Missouri in Kansas City.

Iowa St - Wait until next year. Or the year after.