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BCS Computer Forecast

There is going to be an uproar when the first BCS ratings come out, so go ahead and get ready for it now. There have been a number of upsets this year as we all know, so the computer ratings are going to be somewhat shocking to many people. The computers aren't impressed by the name of your school or what you've done in previous seasons. I have compiled the current results in four of the BCS computer systems.

There are several things to notice. LSU is a consensus and dominant #1. Southern Cal has a shitload of work to do to get into the title game even if they win out. South Florida is the #2 team in the computers. Billingsley's system sucks. Oklahoma is a fringe Top 25 team. This week's game between OU and Missouri is huge. If Missouri were to pull of the upset in Norman then they would solidify their position as a Top 5 computer team.